A New Sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water.

Plant-based carton

Less trucks with waterbox resulting in logistics savings and reduced impact on the environment.

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The water inside our plant based carton is naturally high in minerals, silica, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

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Australian natural ph8 spring water inside a sustainable plant-based carton

Australian Natural Spring Water

Inside a sustainable plant-based carton. waterbox is made mostly from renewable materials like sugarcane & wood fibre, produced responsibly with less impact to our planet. By choosing waterbox you are making a difference.

The Pack That Grows Back

WATERBOX cartons have one of the lowest co2 footprints of all beverage packaging types in Australia. The same functionality as plastic but with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

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Using responsibly sourced material with less impact to our planet is fundamental to WATERBOX

Spring Water

500ml Carton 12x

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