PH8 Alkaline Water

UPDATE October 2022 – Stock Available via United Foods for Sydney Customers

Clear Health Benefits

Drawn from a pristine limestone filtered aquifer near Warooka, South Australia on the Yorke Peninsula. Genella Fine Foods proud to be PH8 Natural Alkaline Water distributor in Sydney

Alkaline Micro Cluster

Smaller H2O water clusters absorbs faster in and through the body and cells

Electrolyte Minerals

Regulate nerve and muscle function, plus body's hydration, blood pressure and the rebuilding of damage tissue.

Alkaline Minerals

Regulates the blood PH.


Removes heavy metal toxins & powerful antioxidant.


Strengthens hair, skin & nails.

Ph8 Natural Alkaline Water - Featured

PH8 Natural Alkaline Water

Enables fast hydration through alkaline micro water clusters, and naturally occurring electrolyte minerals.

With an alkaline pH of 8 from the source, the natural alkalinity and essential trace minerals offer a smooth taste, anti-oxidant and fast rehydrating effect.

Discovery of PH8 Natural Alkaline Water

PH8’s unique water source was discovered 130 years ago by Chinese workers that operated a lime kiln on the property now known as Old Lime Kiln Farm. The locals confirmed a long known secret by farmers that the water quality at the Old Lime Kiln Farm was different to the surrounding aquifer of the Yorke Peninsula. Scientific tests confirmed this, with the property covered by black limestone thought to be laid down more than a billion years ago.
Ph8 Natual Alkaline - Second Black Section

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Everything starts with the earth

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PH8 Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Small - 500ml
Ph8 Natural Alkaline Water - 1.5L

PH8 Natural Alkaline Spring Water

Large - 1.5L

PH8 Natural Alkaline Spring Water

PH8 Natural Alkaline Water is drawn from an aquifer which is found between 17 and 38 metres below the surface. It takes some 12 – 14 months for the plentiful annual rainfall to seep through the black limestone. This natural filtration is how PH8 gathers its unique properties and incredibly smooth taste.