Wholesale Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Juices Sydney

Premium Alcohol-Free Sparkling Juice

Premium Quality

The perfect non-alcoholic beverage for gourmet hampers and gift baskets.

100% Australian

100% fruit and vegetable juices sourced from the Adelaide Hills.

No Preservatives

No added flavours, colours, sugars and concentrates.

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Juice

Genella Fine Foods is proud to distribute Ashton Valley Fresh’s range of non-alcoholic sparkling juices throughout Sydney and NSW. Ashton Valley juices are known for their high quality and natural ingredients. They contain no added sugars, concentrates, flavours, or colours, ensuring a pure and authentic taste. They are made from 100% Australian fruits, supporting local growers.

Champagne Style Glass Bottles

The beautifully presented 750ml champagne-style glass bottles are sealed with a cork and come in sparkling apple, apple and cherry, apple and mango, and apple and strawberry blends. The sparkling effect of these juices enhances the flavour and aroma of the fresh fruits used, creating a delightful and refreshing experience.

Ashton Valley Sparkling Range

Celebrations Sparkling Apple & Strawberry

Experience the extraordinary taste of this sparkling non-alcoholic apple juice beverage togehter with the goodness of strawberries. The refreshing flavour and aroma will remind you of freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer day.

6 x 750ml Box


  • 90% Australian apple juice
  • 10% Australian strawberry juice.

Celebrations Sparkling Apple & Mango

This apple and mango sparkling beverage will transport you to the tropics with every sip. It’s fruity, refined, and visually appealing, making it a perfect non-alcoholic drink for any occasion.

6 x 750ml Box


  • 90% Australian apple juice
  • 10% Australian mango juice.

Celebrations Sparkling Apple & Cherry

Whether you’re hosting a party, creating a gift hamper, or simply brightening up your day. Uncork this fancy bottle to enjoy the fresh aroma of cherries, and let the delightful festive flavour dance on your tongue with each sip.

6 x 750ml Box


  • 90% Australian apple juice
  • 10% Australian cherry juice.


Celebrations Sparkling Apple

Add sparkle to your apple juice! Our delightful alcohol free sparkling apple beverage is the perfect blend of crisp apple goodness and refreshing bubbles.

6 x 750ml Box


  • 100% Australian apple juice.

From Blossom to Bottle

Real Aussie fruit from real Aussie farmers
supporting real Aussie families.