La Campofilone Pasta

High Quality Italian Egg Pasta

It’s made on marble tables, not wood as many believe, to keep the dough at a cool temperature

Ancient Tradition

Specialised production of egg pasta since 1912.

Italy's Finest

600 year old type of Italian pasta from Central Italy

Delivery around Sydney

Imported by Genella Fine Foods to Sydney, Australia.

Egg Pasta

simple and natural ingredients: durum wheat semolina & very fresh eggs.

Tradition & Roots

Campofilone egg pasta is an ancient tradition.
It is a story of women and mothers. Traditionally, the ladies who lived in the village of Campofilone spent days preparing egg pasta from the finest dough.

This was Maccheroncini (now an internationally recognized IGP) as well as delicious Tagliatelle and Fettuccine. Ten eggs for a kilo of flour, nothing more. When we came onto the scene, as farmer’s children who decided to make a traditional pasta, a long search for the origins of this extraordinary product began, a journey back into the history of flavour. And we went straight to the ladies who made this, to look at the details.

Our Mission & Priority

Our mission and our responsibility as a company is to make products that re-qualify agri-food and restore dignity to agricultural producers. BRING FARMING CULTURE BACK TO THE CENTRE OF FOOD CULTURE, to ensure a quality product for consumers.

‚ÄčOur priority is maintaining a balance of production and the well-being of people who work in the company, just like a large traditional Italian family.

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Everything starts with the earth

La Campofilone Eggs Linguine


La Campofilone Eggs Fettuccine


La Campofilone Eggs Pasta Alla Chitarra


La Campofilone Pappardelle


La Campofilone Eggs BIO Organic Linguine


La Campofilone Eggs Squid Ink Linguine


Research & Development

La Campofilone has created a strong link between innovation and agricultural tradition in the area. We invest in promoting synergy and efficiency to safeguard the security of the whole agri-food industry, to make the food industry aware of its tradition and its evolution. Typically, our Marche mentality led us to go further with our research, from making the pasta and into the raw materials of the entire