Italian Truffles

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ElleEsse ITALIAN TRUFFLES is the range including products made exclusively with truffle, wich distinguishes itself by the exclusive black and gold packaging. This line is particularly suitable for chefs, delis, or wine shops.

Since 1948

Harvesting Italian truffles for over 70 years.

Italy's Finest

Italy's leading producer of gourmet truffle products

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Exclusively imported by Genella Fine Foods.

Chosen by Hand

Truffles are hand selected, one by one

Italian Truffle - History

ElleEsse History

Our history begins in “Umbria”, in a small village named Madonna della Stella where Nello Caporicci, in a small artisanal laboratory, dreamt of collecting the most authentic flavours of our beautiful land. For over 60 years the Caporiccis have been following that dream, turning that small laboratory into a leader, capable of pairing technology with the respect for tradition and our splendid region, a land rich in precious fruits.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be summarized in three words: tradition, innovation, and  passion. Tradition is the smell of a meal made by our grandmothers, the authentic taste of the fruits of the earth, the respect of the seasonality of the raw materials cooked according to time-honoured recipes. 

Innovation is the wish to improve ourselves day by day, the continuous search for new techniques to improve our products, keeping the original richness of each individual raw ingredient. 

Passion is the thing that let us love our job everyday, which encourages us to accept ever more new challenges and strength to overcome them.


Buy Italian truffle in Sydney

Genella Fine Foods imports the range below direct from Italy.

Black Truffle Oil

100ml & 250ml

White Truffle Oil

100ml & 250ml

Porcini Oil

100ml & 250ml

Whole Black Summer Truffles

18/15g jar

Whole White Spring Truffles

18/15g jar

Black Summer Truffle Carpaccio

30g jar

Black Summer Truffle Paste

30g jar

Black Truffle Sauce

10% jar 90g

White Truffle Sauce

6% jar 90g

Porcini Mushrooms Sauce

180g jar

White Truffle Honey

130g jar

Mushroom and 5% Truffle Delicacy

180g jar
Just like “nouvelle cuisine”, we too are always looking for techniques and ideas in order to offer new sensorial experiences. New ingredients and techniques are tested every day to give our customers the perfect combination between original recipes and the latest market requirements.