Ashton Valley

High Quality Australian Juices

Premium Quality

Premium quality apple and pear juice. Ethical and sustainable.

100% Australian

100% fruit and vegetable juices sourced from the Adelaide Hills.

No Preservatives

No added flavours, colours, sugars and concentrates.

Real Fruit Juice

Ashton Valley Fresh is a family-owned Australian company that specialises in creating high-quality fruit and vegetable juices, from blossom to bottle. The range is both delicious and good for you, being packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Ashton Valley's Fresh Range

Ashton’s Valley’s collection of still and sparkling juices are crafted solely from fruit grown in Australia, with a focus on the lush orchards of Adelaide Hills. What sets their juices apart is that they are completely natural – no added sugar, colours, flavours, concentrate, or preservatives!

Ashton Valley Fresh Products

Ashton Valley’s range of still and sparkling juices are made entirely from Australian grown fruit, primarily grown in the Adelaide Hills. There’s never any added sugar, colours, flavours, concentrate or preservatives!

1L Clear Juice

• Clear Apple • Clear Apple & Cherry • Clear Apple & Strawberry • Clear Pear

1L Cloudy Juice

• Cloudy Apple • Cloudy Apple & Blackcurrant • Cloudy Apple & Mango • Cloudy Apple & Pear • Cloudy Pear

250ml Juice

• Cloudy Apple Juice • Cloudy Mango with Apple • Cloudy Orange with Apple • Cloudy Pear Juice

750ml Sparkling Celebrations

• Sparkling Apple • Sparkling Apple & Cherry • Sparkling Apple & Mango • Sparkling Apple & Strawberry

330ml Sparkling Juice

• Sparkling Apple • Sparkling Apple & Pineapple • Sparkling Apple & Strawberry • Apple Spritzer (50% less sugar) • Lemon Squish